Sunday, May 02, 2010

Hair --> we make you SO important. Why is that? Part 2

Alright my shipments finally came in. I ordered this stuff called "virgin snow" which is a white toner and put it on my hair.
I think if I had had the time, I should have left it on for an hour or more and this would have taken more yellow out of my hair. I have to say that I don't think being a bleached blond did much for me. Having less yellow on my head did make me look fair less like I had jaundice though. I then put 3 different blues on the front area of my hair. (I forgot to get a picture of this) The darkest blue worked the best. Turquoise turned greenish (yes, yellow and blue really do make green! even on hair.) The lighter blue while a very lovely color in the bottle. Ended up looking quite faded once applied.

After all this the next day I was able to finally put the emerald green on the rest of my head. The colors are reminiscent of a peacock or mermaid. I'm glad I don't do this all the time because it takes a crazy amount of time and effort.


Liz H. Allen said...

Wow, that is so, so pretty. If my hair didn't take years and years to grow, I would dye it all the time. I love the mermaid quality of your new colors.

Luna Indigo said...

You dye your hair Liz. And with your shorter do it would be way easier then mine! ;-)