Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Chocolate covered strawberries

Twice a year at my oldest daughter's school they have a potluck for all us families. Each potluck time comes around and my husband and I ask the same question "What should we bring?" We've done main dish vegetarian, salads and of course dessert. I find that no matter what, we are usually always running late (which I hate) and always make an easy fall back dish. So, this time around we signed up for dessert once again and I was suddenly bored of all the normal/ common things to bring. I have just finished reading "My Life in France" by Julia Child and I have to thank her for reminding me to think outside of the box. I have tapped into my creative baking side once again. This week we were scheduled to receive our organic produce so I peaked online as to what we would be getting. And low and behold strawberries were on the list (I think we've only received one box that didn't have any!) My creative genius kicked into high gear and decided to reduce the strawberries. Then what to do with them? hmmmm...why not incorporate them into a cake? but what kind of cake? I perused my "Joy of Cooking", first I saw a white cake but then saw it wanted 8 egg whites. Who wants to have 8 yolks left over? Then I saw a golden cake recipe (no not yellow) and it wanted 8 yolks! I suppose I could have made two cakes and not wasted any eggs but that is not the path I took.
I found a recipe for buttermilk cake and that is what struck a cord with my creativity. Things like strawberries dipped in chocolate and strawberry short cake popped into my brain.

Yummy pink batter. I have to say this is the best smelling batter!

Here is my creation, heading into the oven. I have a soft spot for my bundt pan and I am not quite sure why. It doesn't always treat me in the most favored way and has been known to "eat" some of my cakes.

Not to mention when you frost a bundt cake it often times looks like a GIANT doughnut. I am looking forward to trying this new invention of mine tomorrow night. When I removed the cake from the oven it smelled like fresh picked strawberries. I hope that is tastes as good as it smells!

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