Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A source of headaches, heartaches and nightmares for some

When as a society did we become afraid of these simple ingredients? Was it when the first cake mixes came out? Or when they introduced TV dinners? Who's really to say. Over the years I have known so many people who admit they don't know how to cook and are literally afraid of even trying. There are others who think they are funny when they say they know how to make macaroni and cheese from a box (they consider them self a chef!)
Over the years I have made so many things from scratch that I have honestly lost count. For 6 months I lived without a mixer! Isn't that shocking? No, really it isn't. I can make cookies without a mixer and so can you. Yes, I can make bread or enchiladas, even pie crust without the aid of some man made device. Oddly, most dishes are not hard either, they just take a little bit of time. I realize you all have more important things to do like update your status on facebook and worry about which outfit to wear next. Cooking is fun and when you actually put something together that doesn't come out of a box it tastes good. So many of our convenient prepackaged, restaurant made delights are drowned in salt and drenched with additives we don't need that our palettes are overpowered with blandness.
Come back to the dark side with me. Open up that dusty cookbook and rediscover a world of flavor. If you are truly afraid then I'll help teach you. It is okay to fail in the kitchen because it means you are trying and learning.

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