Thursday, April 15, 2010

Same rules apply

The postal carriers who work my neighborhood are a curious lot. We seem to go through them as fast as everyone goes through toilet paper (not very nice but so true!) I got it out of one of the carriers that many of them don't like this route because of all the stairs. I know there are stairs in this neighborhood but come on! If you decided to become a mail carrier then you would realize your job has you outside in every type of weather, you'll be faced with some very trying dog/people situations and yes, there are stairs up to most houses in Seattle. We have carriers that wear those blue disposable gloves for the entire route, there are carriers that wear shorts every day no matter what type of weather, we have some that chat on their phones while other bliss out on their Ipods and we even have a few that wear the oddest combinations of their uniforms. As for delivery schedule, good luck trying to figure that one out. We've had mail delivered as late as 5:30 PM and as early as 10 AM with no rhyme or reason why. It would seem now we have carriers who feel that they are above the law and will park within 3mm of a stop sign. Oh and I forgot we have even had mail carriers who skip our house entirely, yes that's right they can't be bothered to walk up to our house!

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