Monday, April 26, 2010

Oh drat, we have a rat

Now I realize that most people are incredibly grossed out by rats thanks to some very bad publicity over the years. Honestly they really aren't that bad. A few weeks ago I awoke to see "fat rat thief" on our dry erase board. My husband had been taking the trash and recycle out the night before and found a rat in our bird feeder. I have no problem with a rat (although I doubt it is just one) living in my shed. It really is the perfect place for him. Today I looked out and first noticed the tail and then saw the rat, as you can see it has some very good fur helping to camouflage it against our feeder. Usually feral rats are very skittish around humans, this one however could have cared less that I was standing 3 ft from it. And he slowly crawled up the door frame and back into the garage leaving his tail sticking out the hole. I am sure he'll be back for more birdseed. Pretty soon he'll be too fat to get to the bird feeder.

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