Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A new start on eating veggies

When I was a child we had a vegetable garden in our backyard. Most kids I knew didn't have a garden. I learned the joys of eating peas right off the vine and that carrots never grow like the ones you see in the grocery store. We had so many tomatoes that making spaghetti sauce and tomato juice was a must. Sadly my mother over cooked most our veggies so I disliked many that I can now eat today. From about 19-28 I managed to incorporate many fruits and vegetables into my daily menu. And then something happened, I had a baby and stopped working. Now for some reason I stopped eating most of my vegetables except for salads here and there. I find this rather comical seeing as I had no problem making sure my child got all her fruits and vegetables every day! Now as the mom of three kids I find that when it comes to feeding myself I am absolutely horrible at it. My son is opening the door for me once again in to the joys of sitting down to eat fruits and vegetables. I know that I need to be better at it and lead by example. In an effort to encourage his excitement and love for all things colorful and edible, I have signed up for a biweekly order of organic fruits and veggies from http://www.newrootsorganics.com I knew that we would not be able to eat all the contents of our delivery in just a week's time. I sadly know that some of our veggies will probably not get eaten but alas so it goes.

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