Tuesday, April 27, 2010

My day, so far. A photo essay.

I think it was last year I stuck our birdhouse up on the fence just to get it out of the way. At the time I was thinking I would find a better spot for it. It would seem that this spring we have some birds who are going to try and live in it. I can't imagine it is a very ideal spot for raising a family but hey to each their own.
This morning I was baking snickerdoodles up for the science fair happening at my daughter's school this Thursday. Yes, I cheated and made the dough on Sunday afternoon. I have to plot these things out now that I have 3 kids otherwise nothing would ever happen.

Here we have some very beautiful storm clouds. At the time I took this photo my house was surrounded by them but the rain hadn't hit yet. We were being bathed in lovely sunlight.
The basil we have started from seed are getting bigger day by day. These little guys won't be living outside, they will be little house plants.
See how the sun was trying to work it's way through the clouds
This lady got off the bus and I couldn't help but wonder why she had her bandanna almost covering her eyes. From far away it made it seem like she had pointy bat ears.
They kind of look like clouds of doom

Our evergreen tree out front has lots of new spring growth.
We got a new shipment of organics this morning. There are young turnips, little peppers, strawberries, cilantro, rhubarb, pears, apples, raab, red chard, zucchini, avocados and oranges. A very eclectic mix if you ask me. I must admit though I will be giving the cilantro away to whomever wants it. I loath cilantro and feel that it covers up all the other wonderful flavors of a dish it might be included in.
I decided that the rhubarb tops looked like webbed feet.
In all my years of cooking I have never done anything with rhubarb. A neighbor down the street would grow it when I was little. So, today I found myself cooking with it for the very first time. I managed to make a strawberry rhubarb cobbler with the help of my almost 9 month old. She got to sample the strawberries as I sliced them up. I hope it tastes good.


pooja said...

Cilantro haters unite! Alas, it's found in a lot of Indian food, as is my other hated food, ginger. Blech!

Luna Indigo said...

No ginger? Wow. I like ginger, maybe not tons but it is tasty. Cilantro is awful, I made Traci very happy by giving her the entire bunch!