Saturday, April 24, 2010

Le Creuset

Hello my beauty! After years of coveting from afar, I am now the proud owner of a Le Creuset French oven. I happily discovered that they have an outlet store up in Marysville. I hate shopping and outlet mails but this baby motivated me! The ladies at the store kept saying it was a "seconds" store which means the pots and pans should have flaws, however it seems like I really lucked out with this one. The lid fits perfectly and I have yet to find a flaw on it's beautiful blue enameled surface. I am looking forward to many years of cooking up some gloriously tasty dishes in this new pot. We also came home with a flat griddle pan that spans two burners. That one should be fun to use too! Ever so slowly I am building up to my dream kitchen one pot, one utensil and eventually one stove at a time.

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