Monday, April 19, 2010

In with the new, out to the pasture with the old

Unlike many people I tend to wear my shoes into the ground. Only recently did I finally have to admit to myself that my tennis shoes were showing their age. These shoes have seen me through my last years of working and run many miles of errands with children in tow. I'm not one to buy something because of the brand name. However as I discovered a while back for some reason The North Face shoes really seemed to work for me. They are made up of mostly mesh on the upper part of the shoe which really helps my feet not overheat and they have great support. I think I am now on my fourth pair. When I bought my first pair they were on sale at REI and I didn't seem to have much choice of the color. As the years have passed I have found that I never seem to have a choice as to what color my next pair of shoes will be, which is odd since with most pairs of women's shoes you seem to have way to many choices.

I just missed the chance of taking a picture of my very old tennis shoes that the above grey ones are replacing for all things dirty. My husband just threw them out. They would have given you all an example of just how grungy and yucky I can get my shoes! I'm still breaking in my new pair (those on the left) and wishing my older ones weren't looking so tired. When I put them on they feel like old friends, alas they will now just get regulated to the lawn mowing and other yard work jobs. These new whipper snappers are so clean that they catch my eye as I walk. On a side note; North Face really needs to chill out with their labeling. I have counted four places on the upper outside of the shoe where they have placed their trade marked symbol and one place where they actually have the whole name in print.. Yay! for over marked shoes! (not)

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