Thursday, April 29, 2010

Hair --> we make you SO important. Why is that?

Why is it that women who have longer thicker hair are portrayed as being more attractive to men? Where did that come from? Humans always seem to want something that they don't have. Hair is no exception to this rule. People have been wearing wigs, dying it, cutting it, curling it, straightening it, you name it for centuries. When I was in middle school my adoptive mom told me that I should dye my hair because it was "an awful mousy brown" and she also made me cut it to my chin. Since then I having been staying mostly in the auburn range of hair dyes. Occasionally I've strayed into a lighter or darker range. It took me a long time to realize that the wrath of Jane couldn't touch me anymore and I went so far as putting purple and blue in my hair. For some reason unnatural hair colors are frowned upon by people in general. Which is sad because they can look so good on some people.
When springtime hits I often get angsty for change. This year I felt the need to change my hair color.

Last wednesday I applied hair bleach and let it stay on for two full hours. The results as you can see were quite red.

It really was a lovely red color but I don't think it was quite the right one for me. My neighbor said I was channeling Kate Winslet and he thought it looked good. I ordered green and blue hair dyes expecting them to arrive sometime this week. Thinking that would give my hair some time to rest between stages.

As of yesterday I had not received any shipment emails as to the where abouts of my hair dyes. Which worries me and also makes me not want to be a repeat customer. While I was at the store I picked up some more hair bleach.
My hair is the lightest I can ever remember seeing it. There is a picture or two of me when I was about one where I had strawberry blond hair. I can't remember that time and I am pretty sure it didn't last too long.
I left the bleach on for about an hour last night. I'm sure if I had left it on even longer more of the red would have left. I hope my hair dye shows up soon. If it doesn't then I might just have to settle on a new blond hair color. Hopefully my hair will forgive me otherwise I might have to cut off a lot of it.

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