Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Asparagus, oh how I have loathed you!

Ask me before this afternoon if I liked asparagus and I would have said NO. Every time I have eaten asparagus it has always been this awful stringy strong flavored vegetable. What I discovered today is that roasting it has been the answer all along. I am guessing that grilling it will also be the answer. I am pretty sure that I over cooked it but it was 90% better then I have ever had it. Admittedly when I opened my veggie/ fruit delivery today and saw asparagus in amongst the other items I was sad and turned up my nose. I took a closer look and it was the thinnest stalks of asparagus I have ever seen commercially, this gave me a ray of hope. I read somewhere a few years ago that the thinner the stalk the better. I then posted the question on how to prepare it and the answers started rolling in. Thanks to the wonderful advice of my friends I ate a pound of organic asparagus today and the only strong smell I encountered was when it cooked. Never once did it have that incredibly horribly strong taste that I have dreaded since childhood.

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