Monday, March 15, 2010

Local Business Supporter

Do I drink coffee? No. Do I enjoy helping out a local well run business? You bet! I think I have now gone at least three times to the Kauai Coffee Company Gift Store and their museum out back. The very cool thing about them is there are actual coffee trees you can go and look at. Plus my husband gets to sample various coffees to his hearts content without having to buy bag after bag!
We found a new business to support while on Kaua'i this time around. The Koloa Rum Company has only been up and running for the last six months and I hope they make it. They are the only company of it's kind in the entire state of Hawaii! They do give you an actual sample of rum if you are 21 and over too. They have very strict rules that they must follow or be shut down and fined! The rule is this: 1 ounce of rum per 21 and older person a day. No ifs ands or buts. They swipe your licence so they can't be fooled too. You can choose between their white, gold or dark rum (spiced is hopefully coming out in May) and they give you a small amount of Mai Ti mix with your rum too. While I didn't bring back any rum (couldn't figure out how to bring that back on the plane) I did purchase a very delicious rum cake and fancy cooking salts.

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