Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Digging in the Dirt

In between the rainstorms that happened over the weekend I got myself out into the yard. Spring comes and I have the need to plant that comes from deep from inside. Above is some native ground cover that does well in the sun.
Here is a non-native grass with the name "Elijah Blue". I can't wait to see how it does, I love the color and it is an evergreen plant!

Here is some Lupine. I love lupine and I keep trying to get it growing in my yard but for some reason it catches some weird thing and ends up dying. Now it is planted in the backyard, I hope it does better.
Thorn less blackberry, I hope it tastes good and stays thorn less.

'Honeydew' Sage--Humming birds love this plant and it smells divine too!
I think this will have blue flowers when it blooms. It is a native that lives along bogs, perfect for where I planted it. (the garage gutter dumps out right here!)

Finally my newest tree. I keep looking for ways on planting more trees in my very tiny yard. This is a Japanese maple called 'Orange Dream' and it maxes out at a height of only 6 feet!


pooja said...

Looking forward to having some Sunday Night Dinners out in your backyard :o) And enjoying some of the fruits -- pun intended -- of your labors!

Sonja said...

Those are some good looking raspberries! I'll be interested to know how the blackberries do; they're probably my very favorite fruit, with good ole raspberries being a close second.

Luna Indigo said...

Me too! Let's hope the weather turns nice.

Luna Indigo said...

I so love blackberries too Sonja! I really miss being able to go out and pick them but the city keeps doing away with the great picking areas. :-(