Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Chocolate Tour

Out of the zillions of tourist pamphlets that can be found in various locals on the island two caught our eye. There were two options for taking a chocolate farm tour, one cost $60 and the other $55. If you happened to look at both you would notice that the farms were right near each other and pretty much claimed to do the same thing (word for word). 3 hours long, rain or shine, see the trees, taste various chocolates, etc...Who pays that much for a tour of a farm? Seriously, if they are using the money to buy and actual tree or something great but $60? We decided to forgo the tours (we looked up people's comments and they were comical) and bought our own fancy chocolates to try. None of them won me over (ironically the various chocolate companies here in Seattle actually produce a way better product) but we did manage to find and try some of the actual chocolate manufactured on the island of Kaua'i. I have to say that Kauai Chocolate needs to cut out the hemp seeds and just keep their mint chocolate pure and simple.

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