Saturday, March 20, 2010


I don't understand how chickens think, nor do I want too. After hurricane Iniki freed chickens on Kaua'i in 1992, they have overrun the island threefold. There are chickens along the roads, in parking lots and making tons of noise sometimes as early as 2 AM. I watched the chickens by our vacation rental and they dig tons of holes. These aren't divots, no these things are deep enough to hide almost an entire full grown chicken!
Above is one of the very best diggers that lived around the rental. Sometimes she would sit in the hole she just dug but mostly she just dug and then left it. Crazy chickens.


Sonja said...

Our girls do that. They excavate and then use the holes (and the loose dirt) to take dust baths.

Luna Indigo said...

See, these chickens weren't even taking dust baths! They were just digging and using the holes to help them to go under the fence. Chickens are silly creatures!