Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Window treatments and duvet covers

(The curtains to be hung up in Sam's room)
I have never claimed to be one who loves to shop or decorate a house. In the last 5 months of being back into our house I have slowly been trying to make our house a home. This means that I have actually been on the look out for curtains, duvet covers, and rugs for our various rooms.
(the new duvet cover in Lucia's room)
After I slaved over figuring out what colors to paint the entire house inside and out, I have been struggling to find the right furnishings for the inside.

(the new duvet cover in Sam's room)
I think I have actually out done myself with my choices so far.

(the duvet cover in Isabel's room)
They are all seemingly working out perfectly for the various rooms.

(the curtains hanging in the kitchen)

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