Saturday, January 02, 2010

The makings of a good human being

This is my 2 year old Sam, and he is wearing one of our new tester diapers for our oldest, Isabel who is nearly 6. Sam saw that his sister was getting a new diaper and he wanted to be just like her. Part of being a mama of a special needs child means finding bigger diapers as your child grows out of the last of the biggest ones available for typical children.
Sam asks for pigtails just like his older sister because he thinks it normal to do this. And why shouldn't he? He clearly loves her and as they both get older this will work in his favor. He'll be gracious and courteous to people who are differently abled then the rest of us.

From time to time he even has to take Isabel's wheelchair for a spin just so he remembers how to do it.
Can Sam be a royal pain in the bum? YES. Can he out whine and scream the best of the best? YES. In fact the ring wraiths from LOTR comes to mind when Sam screams.
However the fact that being around children who are differently abled then him doesn't faze him. Or seeing him recognize wheelchair symbols while we're running errands. Or the fact that he wants to encourage Isabel while getting OT or PT is heartwarming. He really does the makings of great man inside him.

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