Monday, January 11, 2010

****Call rejection*****

After the fiasco with Jane harassing my family pretty much nonstop for an entire month I decided to buy myself a late Christmas present. For a mere $5.99 on my Qwest land line I got to add call rejection to my phone. I can block up to 15 numbers while I have the service. I have blocked Jane's house phone, cellphone and work phone from being able to call our land line. Yes, she can still bug Frank at work or even on his cellphone (I have never given her my cell number and never will). I don't know if Jane has actually figured out that her phones are blocked or just thinks something is up with our phone. I do know that she has called Frank's cellphone at least twice in about 4 days.
Her first call was about wanting to borrow our travel book for New Zealand because she might be going there in March. What? I always find her travel habits odd. Jane never expressed interest in going anywhere unless it is Mexico or Hawaii. However if her sister, Yvonne, is thinking of going somewhere or a good girlfriend is heading somewhere then she has no problem tagging along. This tagging along have taken her to parts of Asia, Italy, and Scotland. I think traveling is a great thing but I find it weird how Jane goes about traveling. So, when Frank said she was thinking about going to NZ, I raised my eyebrows. I also know that she is trying to find any excuse to get her self over to our house as well. Thankfully my husband told her we can't find the book, which mostly is true.

Jane's next call was on Sunday inviting Frank to come that night to a "meeting" at this little thing I call a cult. I realize it isn't fair because I am sure that programs through Landmark have helped many many people but to me it just isn't my cup of tea. I think it is great Jane is finally getting herself out and trying to work on things. Although who knows what those things are or if she'll actually make any progress on them before she turns 90. I know for a fact that Jane has no idea what it takes to raise kids so her calling day of inviting Frank to this "meeting" meant nothing to her. Frank wasn't planning on going but I reminded him anyway that it was a way for Landmark to try and get more money out of people.

I don't regret adding call rejection to my phone line at this point in time. Especially since Jane is still trying to needle her way in after being such a pest. She sent me an email sometime yesterday with the title " I love you, Mom". (because I couldn't tell by the sender who had sent it?) Which I promptly marked junk and didn't read. I have no love for her at this point in time, nor am I sure I ever did. Sad as it is, it is the truth. I would happily go another 10 years before seeing her again, I know she can't seem to last 3 weeks. Just let me go woman!

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