Monday, December 07, 2009

The time to give

I think Christmas bit me sometime in last two weeks. I wish it would give me some cool green and white stripes or something. This year more then last (I am not quite sure what happened last year...pregnancy brain was just kicking in) I have been trying to give through charities. I generally try and do a little with Heifer but this year I seem to be expanding my ways. So while you are sitting there in your warm house or office reading this tiny little blog post think about who could use some help. Whether it is your local food bank or some children across the world. These kinds of gifts actually speak volumes about who you are as a person versus those materialistic gifts that make someone happy for a brief moment and then are quickly forgotten.

This year I have bought gifts through:

I am sure I'll get around to at some point too.

Yesterday my family and I set out to our local nursery in search of a live tree. My husband and I thought it would be way better for our children to learn about live trees then cutting down a tree for only a short period of time. Our only problem was where do we plant the tree once we are done with it? Luckily Swanson's had this already covered for us. You buy a live tree (you can choose from cedars and pines) and after the holidays bring it back and they give it to Carkeek Park where it will be planted! How awesome is that? I think I must be earning lots of good karma points for our my giving this year.

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