Thursday, November 19, 2009

My wonderful passive aggressive neighbor

The street is a public place right? Thought so.
The Volvo station wagon belongs to the grandma of the boys 2 doors west of us. The Volvo sedan belongs to our next door neighbors on the west side of our house. These particular neighbors have a driveway (you can just barely see it in the above picture) and a single car garage in our back alley. Granted they do actually have a vintage Chevy in their garage but you get my point. Normally if someone parks in front of their house the Sceins park across the street or in their driveway. Evie must have been feeling extra passive aggressive on her part to have parked this way. It's funny when a car leaves after being parked right in front of their house, Rod or Evie is immediately out their parking right where the other car was. Friendly, aren't they?

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