Monday, October 19, 2009

mobile pictures

I took this picture last night while watching Moby and it helps to illustrate a point I want to make.
Remember the time not so very long ago when mobile phones were larger and didn't have picture or video capability? A time when the world wasn't tweeting every other second or browsing on the web all the time? In a span of four days I have been at two concerts (which is amazing all onto it's self given that I am a mama to three children) and each concert just about everyone was holding up, checking or using a mobile phone or digital camera. While I agree it is fun to take a picture to prove you were somewhere. It does get old looking around the crowd and seeing all these digital devices being held up in the air. What are you going to do with all that video you just shot people? I think it will get forgotten just like all that video your parents shot while on a family vacation years ago. Come on, who really needs to watch hours and hours of wobbly hand held camera footage of some place long ago forgotten? Take your one shot people and then put down your device and enjoy the show.

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