Thursday, September 10, 2009

a remodel flaw

These pictures were taken by Frank who still has a thing or two to learn about using the camera. However what they are showing is how a design flaw with our newly remodeled house gets us all wet! It was POURING down rain a few days ago and I looked outside to see all this water dripping off the roof not out of a gutter.
You can kind of see it dripping here. Actually dripping is being polite, it was flowing like a river down onto our walkway below. No, my gutters were not full of pine needles or other things that might cause a gutter to overflow. This water wasn't even making it to the gutter, it was flowing down off the roof onto our little rooflet (shall we call it that?) and over the edge. We'll have to bring this up with our design builder guy.

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Frank said...

Okay, I'm not the photographer that Jen is, but keep in mind that I was shooting through a rain spattered window. :)