Wednesday, August 05, 2009

kitchen cabinets

Yesterday the kitchen cabinets were installed
Normally when people have been coming out to the house to do their part in our remodel they come in a pick up truck or van.

This guy came in a tiny Ford Focus and like a clown car kept pulling things out of his car (a table saw, some other saw that was rather large and various tools). And none of us could figure out how he did it, maybe he took out all the passenger seats?
We have also had a slight snafu with our counter top choice of laminate. For some reason our first choice was put on back order for like 3 weeks, even though it wasn't a special order. Frank and I went up to the house this morning and stood there evaluating some other choices. We came up with a different laminate choice and hopefully this will be installed on Monday. Our kitchen floor should go in tomorrow.

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