Sunday, August 09, 2009

getting closer

hey look, it got installed in the correct place! This outdoor light is on Isabel's deck.
The fun light in Sam's bedroom finally has been installed

Sometime after 2 pm on friday we had counter tops and flooring installed

This is a detail showing picture of our new kitchen floor. When you choose from a sample it can be hard to imagine what the whole thing will look like. Turns out we some how choose a very similar pattern to the one we had before except it is lighter! How funny is that?

Bigger view of the new kitchen floor


Sonja and Chris said...

I am liking those cabinets! Where are they from? We're going to have to redo our kitchen sometime in the near future...oh joy.

Luna Indigo said...

frank has all the info on those cabinets. the really do look nice in the kitchen and weren't as pricey as others. plus it was worth the extra money we paid to have them installed.