Wednesday, July 29, 2009

remodel update

The new wood floors upstairs are all finished but we really don't know how they look because they are currently covered over by cardboard. Where they patched our wood floors downstairs does look awesome. For some reason 4 of our outdoor lights we ordered well over 2 weeks ago got back ordered. Which we saw in the show room and weren't in some special color. Frank and I were wondering if the person who placed the order made a mistake. This morning we headed out to Lowe's (Home Depot didn't have anything we really liked) and bought some outdoor lighting right off the shelves instead of waiting until August 20th for the other lights to come in. Funk has been in putting the finishing touches on our stair banisters. He'll be in charge of the other little things that need to be finished up too. Our current mystery is involving our new dead bolt key in the back door. It went missing the other day (I have the only other copy and told Frank he should not have given his away) and when asked the floor guy said he didn't have it but somehow the back door was unbolted and open when he was there and locked again when he was done for the day. We have placed Phil on the task of finding it but that marks the second key that has just gone missing during this project. I swear it really is like being a mother to all these various groups and of course their standard response is "I don't know", "It wasn't me".


Sonja and Chris said...

Yikes, you guys are getting close! Do you have a move in day?

Luna Indigo said...

Well,we really need to collect Gus back from my mom's by the 8th of August because she's going on a cruise. I hope we can get the fence pieced back together for him sooner than later. We'll see because we also need to make sure the kitchen floor is also installed by then. All these pieces have to fall together. :-)