Saturday, July 11, 2009

Random weekend remodel pictures

Here we have our fancy built in shower shelf. I expected it just to be mainly white tile with maybe a strip of color. Instead we got a section of fun colorful glass tiles. I know it is hard to see the colors and I will try and figure out a way to showcase them better.
Giant beater. I walk around in my new upstairs looking at the various tools that are laying about and try to figure out what they are used for. I realize that the tile guys must be using to mix some of their stuff but it is rather funny to just see it lying there in the master bedroom closet.

I looked up from taping one of the new window frames to see that this garbage bag had suddenly grown legs and feet! No, actually it is Sara doing a lovely job of putting spackle on all the numerous nail holes. It was a pretty funny sight to see though.

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Sarrasine said...

I had to laugh again at my legs and feet coming out of the garbage bag.