Friday, July 24, 2009

a funny thing happened on the way to the kitchen

Back in January I believe it was when we began the whole process for this crazy remodel Frank and I worked out a budget, granted it was a very limited budget but one none the less. When talking over various ideas with designers, architects and builders we never once led any of them on with having an unlimited fund. We chose the design builder guy we are currently using because he said he would be able to deliver something within the confines of our budget. That being said the first plans that came back to us with him were one hundred thousand dollars over what we could afford. We cut out redoing the kitchen completely, and the much needed lifts for Isabel were put on the back burner too. We agreed to take over some of the things like painting inside and out of the house and other little things in order to reduce the costs. Here we are nearing the end of our remodel and we have actually done pretty well at staying within our budget, however that silly kitchen is causing us trouble. Frank and I both knew with the walls that had to come down in our old kitchen in order to do the upstairs remodel we would at least need a new floor. Okay, so the new floor was in the plans and then we also assumed until we had more money that we would just put our old kitchen cabinets back up on the walls, shove our fridge and oven somewhere in the space and be done for a bit. Turns out our design guy didn’t want us not to have an idea about what our future kitchen would look like so we drew up some plans. Fine whatever we thought, good idea right? Turns out our old cabinets do not fit within his drawings for the kitchen. For over a month now (really not kidding) we have been going round and round about which premade cabinets to buy. We finally found some and the drama surrounding the measurements has taken another week or two. According to how things go in the land of remodel order of things, you always do flooring last. Which means those premade cabinets need to be ordered and installed before the new floor goes down. Okay, fine. I understand not wanting to ruin your new floor with nicks and scratches. However for some reason between Frank, Phil and I have we never gotten an answer on just how long it will take to get these cabinets shipped and installed. For some odd reason the guy who is the so called “expert” in this area cannot answer this question. While my brand new hardwood floors (upstairs) are going to be all finished by Monday and the electrician (hopefully) will be finishing up with installing the light fixtures upstairs on Tuesday, we still have no word on those damn cabinets. I am finding that this whole thing is rather funny despite my also being very frustrated because we went from basically not doing the kitchen to now spending just over $10,000 on it! The irony I tell you.

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