Friday, July 31, 2009

finally some pictures...

This is a wacky picture I realize. Here we have some lovely and newly painted walls going down into the basement. The red stairs are the point of this picture though. Frank removed (not kidding) 4 layers of carpets and padding from these stairs. There would be a layer of carpet, then padding and so on. Now if you were installing a new carpet why on earth would you not take off the old stuff? On the landing there we actually have remnant of the linoleum from our kitchen. I swear the past owner had some crazy people who did work for her over the years.

Here is the inside of the mailbox. Isn't it just a bit tacky?

And the outside of the mailbox. The claim is they are still working on it but it doesn't even close all the way! :-P

Here we one of our outside outlets. When I picture an outside outlet it is that grey industrial looking thing with those flip covers. This one's cover alone sticks off the side of the house by about one and half inches! dumb dumb dumb

new outdoor light, in the proper place

volunteer sunflower! hooray for nature!

Our new front porch light. Silly thing takes those bulbs that go in chandeliers!

Two more outdoor lights put in the correct place. These are the ones we picked up at Lowe's the other day because ours were on back order until August 20th from the fancy light store.

Yes, this is indeed the same light as the last picture except it was installed in the wrong place! We'll have to get them to put it over the garage where it was supposed to go. For some reason it was installed up on Isabel's deck which we bought a different light for.

Corner cabinet yet to be installed in the kitchen but it came in!

More kitchen cabinets (in the dinning room) awaiting to be installed.

The light in the baby's room

fancy back splash in the upstairs bathroom

ceiling light in Isabel's room. We have the same one in our room. Sam's light has yet to be installed.

This is the pendant light that will be hanging over the sink once that is installed

and finally you can see our fancy stairs. On the stairs we still have cardboard covering all the hard wood floors.

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