Sunday, June 28, 2009

A work in progress: embracing color

We have been hard at work this weekend. Lots of painting has been going on, most of which Frank and I have done in shifts. Above is the baby's room; the paint color is called July Sky.
Here we have a corner of Isabel's room. The green is called Moon Tide.

Sam's accent color is called Island Shore. His other walls when finished will be yellow called Cozy Cottage.

And here we have our room with Sundress and Passionate Plum. I have to say that painting without any trim or doors is far easier and faster. However since it was mainly just Frank and I doing all the work we aren't going to be finished in time for tomorrow when supposedly the "finishers" are do to come and install all the doors and trim. I think they'll have to wait a day or two.
Everyone who has come by this weekend and checked out the house has really liked our color choices. Which actually is quite nice. You never can tell when you are looking at a swatch of color how it will actually turn out until you put it up on a wall. Frank and I have both been quite pleased so far too.

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