Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A sort of passage

Over the weekend we posted our Volvo on Craig's list for sale. Since we have bought ourselves a used minivan in the last month it was time to sell this car. Frank and I are actually both sad about the sale.
Sure it is just a car. However we bought it right before we got married and it was a testament to what our lives were about to become. Plus it is the closest thing either of us ever had to an actual new car. This Volvo was ordered by a guy in Oregon with all the bells and whistles and then he decided that he really didn't want it. It became a "used" loaner car here in Seattle and then Frank and I test drove it in December 2001. The rest is history, it accompanied us on various trips around the state and out of the state. I passed many fancier sports cars in this car because their owners really didn't know how to handle their own car. It protected us in all types of weather and helped us turn heads thanks to the sub-woofer it had.
Now it will go on to a new life and have other adventures. Good-bye heated seats and my awesome stickers! :-(


Sonja and Chris said...

Joined the land of the mini-van drivers, eh? :) We had a dogdge caravan growing up and it was a very versitle vehicles: kids, dogs, loads of lumber. I don't understand why they get such a bad rap. What kind did you get?

Luna Indigo said...

We got a 2001 Honda Odyssey. I hate mini-van because of the very poor behaviors/ practices I have seen from the people who have gotten out of them/ own them. If VW re-issued their original VW bus I would be all over that. I keep pretending it is a truck since that is how it drives and it makes me feel a little better.
With the third kid on the way and Isabel's wheelchair it sure does make life easier. I came up with a licsense plate holder "reluctant minivan driver" :-)