Saturday, June 06, 2009

Remodel of Mass Destruction

Here is the mail slot that is driving me nuts. I used to have this incredibly subtle mail slot that didn't stand out. I really don't understand why the design/builder guy of ours and the framer dudes thought that framing the mail slot in this was was ok. First of all they threw away the flap that was once attached here and secondly they have made it incredibly unweather proof. Rain, sleet, snow , wind you name it can now easily enter this slot and ruin any mail. Not to mention we now have no way of putting out any outgoing mail for pick up.
Here is a bit of a closer up picture of the mail slot. See that lovely metal? What sane postal carrier would want to go that? Can we say tetanus shot?

Here is one of at least 3 locks left randomly around our yard.

How do you like the lock with the cut cable attached to the anchor for our gate?

Here is the fence that the workmen ran their cable through to lock up their ladders. Nice how it is knocked over isn't it?

Here is a crack in our foundation, which we think a smaller crack was here before the start of the remodel. However we know for sure this giant chunk was not missing. I can't imagine this being very weather proof anymore.

This is just a piece of our garage. Frank and I both know that our garage does need some serious help but this remodel might very well be its undoing. For some reason the workmen decided to use our garage as their storage space without asking. In the process they have made our garage fall into even worse shape. How's that hole above the door frame look to you? I didn't get a picture of our kid's wading pool that they decided to mix their concrete in.

This wheelbarrow was driving me nuts for weeks! I actually moved it to the place it is in the picture because for the longest time it and that damn plastic bag were smashing some of my plants.

This is evidence of some very new damage to the new deck. Our workmen have no common sense apparently or forethought about weather changes. The new deck doors keep opening because their is currently nothing to secure them. However Frank figured out that by tying a rope through one of the holes and then hammering a nail into the sub floor he could get the doors to stay shut. Had one of the workers figured this out we might not have gouges in our new deck siding.
I realize that with remodels, things get trampled or displaced but what irks me is the things that could be easily avoided had someone just used their brain. It feels like the workmen are almost using the remodel as an excuse to have incredibly bad manner, little foresight or lack of common sense. I know they would be furious if anyone did this to their house, so why are they doing this in mine?

An example of the new beveling on the deck. I kind of looks like an after thought.

The insulation has been put in. In all the ceiling places where you see it missing that will have insulation blown in once the drywall is up. (I didn't take any of these pictures as to avoid any tiny fibers that might be floating in the air.)

Too bad in reality insulation doesn't feel and soft and fuzzy as it looks!

Yes, even the kitchen is getting some much needed insulation!

The new "knee" detail on the front overhang.

This is the new back door. Notice the square with the wire sticking out of it to the right of the door, that will be the new porch light. I had an extensive conversation with our designer and electrician about where lights, outlets and switches should be placed before they started the actual work. See that wire sticking out of the wall to the right of the window?

This wire should be around the corner to the right. It is supposed to be for an outside light to illuminate the walkway on the west side of our house to make it easier for us at night. When we finally get the outside lift installed we'll want to see our way to the gate with ease. The designer and electrician said they completely understood this in our conversation. And yet the wire was installed on the wrong side of the house and also looks like an after thought.

One of our new gutters. They haven't finished putting them all up yet.

Finally the "columns" now have some definition and no longer look like random pieces of lumber holding up the new deck.

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