Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Remodel of Mass Destruction Part 2

For two days now I have been able to actually drive by the house to see if there was anything going on, and alas no workers have been there. Tonight we decided to stop by the house and let Isabel have a good swing in her favorite swing and then walk around our familiar "hood".

Upon inspection of our house we have discovered some very frustrating developments. It seems that the wire I have a picture of below that was put in the wrong place has now been "formalized". Meaning there has been a block a wood placed around where the wire is for easy mounting of a light.
The gutters that have been installed on our house all seem to empty right next to our foundation. One actually empties onto a place where new cement was laid for a fence post. Let's rot it that much faster! A different gutter seems to empty out onto the new roof overhang in the front of the house without any protection on the roof. Which means it will help wash away any new roof tiles that are there, can we say water erosion?
Our new electrical meter was installed right where there is normally a fence into the backyard. Which means we will need a new solution as to how to reattach that piece of fence.
The horrible mail slot now has been chalked all around the outside frame of wood. I'm sorry but there is no actual mail slot piece that is on the market that will close that hole. Water will still easily pour down into that gaping hole and rot that entire side of the house.
Oh, and there is some random blue wire coming out of the siding over by the new electrical meter. Neither Frank or I have a clue as to what that is for.
With all that we saw tonight we aren't quite sure who has signed off on these things. We are also wondering where our design/builder guy has gone to. He didn't actually call me on Monday to go and look at door knobs and locks like he was supposed to, he is not returning phone calls. Which to me tells me he's hiding. I don't care if he's got another job or two he still has to pay attention to ours, that is why we are paying him.
And the dumpster disappeared too. If the drywall is supposed to be installed I would think there would be some waste so why did the dumpster go so soon?


Sonja and Chris said...

Ugh, how frustrating! It sounds like your builder has some explaining to do!

Luna Indigo said...

he sure does. very frustrating.