Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Quiet week in remodel land

Why did I take this picture? See that 'L' shape in the right side of the picture? That is where the wall for our kitchen nook used to be. And in the lower left that is the bottom of the new stairs. It is a good reminder of what once was and a perspective of how much things have changed.
Here we have new siding on the inside of our deck.

I know this is another odd picture but here we have the drain for our new upstairs bathroom.

Here is the shower valve at a nice height for Isabel. I should have stepped back further to illustrate that it is out near the edge of the shower stall so that none of have to stand underneath the shower head while the water heats up.
Either on Friday or next Monday the insulation will be put into the walls and then on to drywall which should take about 2 weeks.
Most of this past week was filled with the finishing up of the siding and the electricity and of course more inspections. We have to make sure we pass all the building codes!

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