Monday, June 22, 2009

our little apartment friend

I know this is a horrible picture but it illustrates just how habituated this squirrel is.
He/she comes to visit us and others here at the apartment building most days. I really don't understand how it isn't super fat.

This squirrel is super smart compared to it's other relatives I have met over my lifetime. It knows who will be a sucker and feed it and doesn't bother other people for the most part. It also actually remembers where it hides past treats. If I let it I am sure it would come in window of the apartment too. Silly creature!


Sonja and Chris said...

Ugh. My parents just pulled a drowned squirrel out of their pond last night. Def not as smart at your little guy.

Luna Indigo said...

yuck! what a way to go.

Sarrasine said...

That first picture cracked me up. I think squirrels are so fun to watch.

Luna Indigo said...

You should see this little guy. It will come right up to the window and not shy away if you put your hand up there. In fact it will try and lick you through the glass! Oh, and Sam meows at it too.