Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A few pictures from California

these handy little signs were all over the park, too bad "ugly" tourists don't follow them.
We saw these signs on different trees, and they weren't always the same symbols. The first explanation we heard was that the pine cone ones were to warn people about falling pine cones. A funny answer but one based on no knowledge! If you don't know just say so. After asking a more knowledgeable ranger we learned that the signs actually are markers for cross-country skiing in the winter.

Massive rock with a sequoia tree

good example of some bark

baby tree amongst giant trees

tree tops

because the first thing you think of upon seeing a giant metal cow is pomegranate juice!

Lovers Lane? Really, I thought that was a hush hush thing.

Clouded leopard happily sleeping away the day in a hammock at Cat Haven.

a good paw cleaning

yum! watching a young boy and dreaming of a good pounce!

this RV show was in the parking lot by our hotel. They apparently will accept anything for a trade!

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