Thursday, June 11, 2009

Drywall is up

This is the window that will closest to where the oven will be in the kitchen
The far window on the left is the one in the dinning room. And the stairs going to upstairs.

Here we have looking down at the stairs from the northwest part of the hallway.

So this is looking from the window towards the hallway from the bedroom in the northwest part of the house

And this is the view from that bedroom's doorway. Nice and light in the afternoon. (that is garage to the brick house through the window there)

Ok, so this is a shot of the shower wall in the new upstairs bathroom. Glad we will have two bathrooms, but they aren't very spacious.

This is the lovely bedroom on the southeast corner of the house with the new deck.

This is the smallest bedroom in the northeast corner of the upstairs. It almost feels claustrophobic and that is without and bedroom furniture!

This is the view from the top of the stairs. The bathroom is straight ahead, there is a small hall closet to the left of the bathroom.

This is the master bedroom. So, that would be the southwest corner of the house.

Here we have the view from the doorway of the bedroom with the deck towards the littlest bedroom. On the other side of that short wall will be a little nook with a seat. And yes, that is another little hallway closet to the the left of the door.

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