Wednesday, June 17, 2009

a disgrunteld house owner

Here we are almost to mid-June and our remodel is trundling along. I would take a guess that it might be a couple of days off schedule but not drastically off. Considering that Frank works a full time job and I stay at home with the two kids I think we have been doing a pretty good job of trying to stay on top of the little problems that crop up as the remodel progresses.

Our design/ builder guy however is exhibiting an odd behavior once again. Anytime there is a conflict, something isn’t quite right he seems to disappear, not follow through with meetings that have been arranged prior and doesn’t return any form of communication. Now seeing as it is his job to stay on top of things and deal with problems that arise this is quite troublesome.

At about 3 AM this morning I awoke and proceeded to stay awake because I started to think about all the problems we have brought up and how he is just so unresponsive. So at about 4 AM I wrote an email detailing about 8 things that Frank and I have brought up over the course of remodel that he has just brushed off, but according to his contract he is responsible for. I tried to write this email without too much anger so that my points would get across and ended it with how we really need to work on this communication thing.

9:30 AM rolls around this morning and no phone call from our builder guy. We were supposed to go and look at door hardware this morning because the last time we set up he also missed. I have heard nothing from him all day in any form. I cannot speak for Frank but I assume he’s in the same boat. Which means that once again he is trying to brush off our concerns or he really can’t be told he’s in the wrong. Whatever it is this is a very bad way to run a business. Tomorrow night is our weekly meeting about how the remodel is going. We’ll see how it goes.

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