Sunday, May 03, 2009

the stairs...they are a changing

This shot is me standing on the basement stairs looking up to the stairs that go upstairs. A bit strange but soon will be covered by a ceiling.
The hole from my kitchen where the stove once was looking down into the basement.

The new stairs turning and now going into the "new and improved" kitchen. Funny, they don't seem much wider than the old stairs.

Now here is a the million dollar question: last Thursday we were there meeting with our builder/ designer guy and this lovely "plank" was not across these stairs. Which means that sometime on Friday the construction guys built this random thing across the stairs. I had to crawl almost on my hands and knees to get up to the top! What the hell is it and why is it suddenly there?

Here is another shot of that random "plank". (Yes, my belly is growing and got it's self into the picture!)


Chris and Sonja said...

Hey, things are looking excitedly different! Is excitedly a word? Eh, regless, glad to see that things are moving along so quickly. As for the mystery board..I have no idea. Maybe so they didn't have to walk a few extra steps around the stair hole?

Luna Indigo said...

Frank thinks it is part of the framing for the east side of the house. He says it is where the window should be when it is raised. we'll see, it seemed like it was part of the floor.