Thursday, May 14, 2009

so, long "bubble"!

Check out the house without any plastic! I think once the deck is put on the front it will break it up and then it won't seem so boxy. Notice that the upstairs windows are now in!
The back of the house will have a small deck, you can see the cut out for the door.

Here is the ceiling with a square where the attic access will be.

Here we are looking from south to north

I want to know how the construction worker forgot his shorts. I understand leaving shirts, hats and sunglasses around but shorts?

This is looking from the master bedroom (south) through to the bathroom and back bedroom

The master bedroom. Check out the huge front window!

Back bedroom at the top of the stairs. This is the smallest of all the rooms.

The other back bedroom (northwest corner). I like all the afternoon light coming in here.


Sonja said...

WOW, it looks great! So nice to see it without the plastic wrap! I think the porch on front will aid in adding shape and depth to the overall structure.

I don't suppose there is any bubble scaffolding left in the trash bin?

What color siding are you going to do?

Luna Indigo said...

You missed all the heavy duty plastic! At least I think our neighbor Rod took it all, they were folding a giant piece of last night. You are welcome to go dumpster diving though. There is wood in there.

I am super happy the plastic is off, and yes the deck will definately aid in making it look different. They put up some "triangles" on the roof to break up the roof line. I'll have to get a picture of one.

As for for the color of our house...Frank and I are working on that. I found a beautiful color called "aged wine" Frank has yet to buy in. We're going to get some samples this weekend and put them on the garage.