Thursday, May 28, 2009

The siding is almost complete! And other new bits

These pictures might not be all that exciting to the rest of you, however I noticed that they made my water on/off for my hose a bit more stable with this new wooden block.
This one got moved from around the corner. I hope it is ok to have the gas and hose this close.

The back of the house has siding on the upper half

Our mail slot is now on steroids it would seem. They lost my flap that said mail though, we'll have to work on that otherwise rain will come pouring in.

The front of the house is almost covered too. Oh, for all of you who want to know that siding is a blend of concrete and wood. It comes primed and you are not supposed to sand it!

Why on earth did I take a picture of this? Because here was where the switch to the upstairs was. That damn switch could turn off all the power to the upstairs (yes, the outlets and lights!) I won't be missing that one.

The view from the brand new deck off Isabel's soon to be room. If it weren't for the pollution you would be seeing Mount Rainer!

And finally our new back door. I relented on this one and allowed there to be more glass on the door than I originally was going to allow. Light is great but so is security!


Sarrasine said...

I think gin & tonics need to happen on that deck :)

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