Sunday, May 17, 2009

paint colors---why is it so hard to do this?

I believe in testing out paint colors before committing. Otherwise you could end up with the wrong color, just check out my window frame in the above picture. I am very happy to say that I didn't go on to paint the trim on my house that color a few years back because it was some weird version of hot pink. I did end up liking the grey we chose though and that is the background. The other color squares are new. I am trying to figure out a new house paint color and garage color. I am also trying to break out of the norm we all do with subdued colors and really trying to embrace a richer hue.
Here we have "sunkissed vine" which on paper looks more green than yellow. I was thinking my garage might look good with this color as the plants grow up more around it.

A potential house color, "aged wine" , this obviously needs a second coat to make it the darker color it seemed to be.

And finally "twilight dusk", this again seemed like it was going to be a bit more intense. We'll see how they all do with a second coat and we are going to pick up a more samples, darker versions of the above colors to see if we can find the vibrancy we are looking for.


Alexis said...

I like the vibrancy! The yellow seems like a safe choice, but I am drawn to the purple... with the weather we have here most of the year, we need more colorful homes!

Luna Indigo said...

I am going to put 3 more choices on tonight and post the pictures. We are looking to bring a little more color to our home. I agree, we have so many grey days here color seems like a good way to go.