Wednesday, May 20, 2009

paint colors part 2

I added 3 more paint colors tonight. Plus I did a second coat over part of the 'aged wine' just to see how it would look.
Here we have 'Atlantic Schooner'. While it is a decent blue I think it is the most normal and conservative of the bunch.

This color is labeled as 'deep amethyst', although to me it seems more like lilac.

And finally this is 'gloxinia' which is on the same color swatch as the 'twilight dusk'. I think we've gotten a lot closer to choosing but I might have to test one more color out.


Alexis said...

Which one do you like best? Seeing the house, I still like Aged Wine, but Gloxinia holds interest (and what a great name!)

Luna Indigo said...

I like the aged wine but it really does seem to need 2-3 coats which over a house that could really add up. I too am liking the gloxinia, we'll see after tonight. I got one called blueberry to try and then we should have a better idea!