Wednesday, May 20, 2009

odds and ends of the remodel this week

Check it out the house now has definition! It is no long just a box.
and there is some siding up too.

here is the new porch in the back

another front view

they have widened the wall that goes from the dinning room into the kitchen

and also widened the wall between the living room and the little hallway going towards the bathroom/ kitchen.

look there is now the beginning of a deck upstairs

the upstairs has gained it's very own heating system!

check out the crazy plumbing!

this plumbing will all be covered over by the shower but it looks a bit chaotic if you ask me.

Do you like the blue and red plastic tubing going to the sink?


Sonja said...

Hey! That siding looks colored! Did you already decide on the color or is that just the base color that it comes in before painting?

Luna Indigo said...

I know the siding is colored, strange since both Frank and I were thinking it would just be the normal white. If you look closely at it we discovered that it seems to be a mixture of various things hence the beige color. No, that won't be the color although now we know how the house would look beige!

Sonja said...

Well that's good too. I find it very satisfying to decide what you don't like because it means you're one step closer to finding 'the right one'. And who knows, perhaps you would have loved the beige and voila! paint color solved. :)

Luna Indigo said...

I asked Phil what the siding was made of. He said it was a mixture of wood and concrete, which means it is less likely to burn. Very interesting.