Saturday, May 09, 2009

North and South

This it the southern facing wall of our upstairs. The bigger opening on the left (as I said before) is going to be two French doors out to a little deck. Looks fine, right? Turns out the construction guys somehow made it to short! Yes, that's right, too short! They get to fix it. We also learned today that they followed the plumbing up from downstairs in order to place the new bathroom in the upstairs. (This is all normal) Except by following our actual plumbing and not the one on the floor plan they somehow lost 3 inches! Which meant that this morning we were up at the house figuring out with our builder/ designer guy what to do. After figuring and measuring we decided on moving the master bedroom door onto another wall.
Here we have the northern facing wall of our upstairs (this is the one that wasn't up on Thursday). The windows will be in the back two bedrooms. It is funny our design/ builder guy keeps saying how big our house is going to be when it is all done. However Frank and I know that these bedrooms won't be huge and our new upstairs really isn't that big. All the bedrooms will have room enough for a bed and maybe a desk. Just enough space for sleeping really, which is just fine. We really don't want a huge house filled with lots of junk we don't really need.

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