Sunday, May 17, 2009

It only took two people to make a bad choice...

Yesterday we got a call from our builder saying people were stealing our lumber from the backyard. We headed to the house to check it out as our neighbors across the alley had already called the police. When you hear people are taking your property tons of emotions start flooding into your brain. Our two thieves were on foot and being tailed by one of our neighbors also foot. The police arrived to get a take on the situation. Our neighbors are on the block watch program and I think he is the block watch captain, so I was happy to see they were watching out for us during our remodel. Turns out they didn't want their names used on the police report which negates the who purpose of the police coming in the first place! (I really wonder why he's block watch captain then?) I sent Frank out to buy some "no trespassing" signs so that we could at least post those around. (I understand dumpster diving but removing our building supplies made me mad) Turns out our thieves must have had remorse upon coming back to pick up their other piece of stolen goods. As they returned both!


Sonja said...

oh, that is truly awful. I am so sorry to hear that. It would take a real scumbag to steal lumber from the home of a remodel. I can see how people would rationalize stealing from a large-scale developer..but from a family? That's dirty.

We didn't make it to your dumpster this weekend for a good dive; events conspired against us but I'm glad to hear that your neighbors are making good use out of it. Better than trucking it off to a landfill!

Luna Indigo said...

I'm sure there will be more lumber to come. I agree, it is far better for things to get reused then head straight to the landfill.

A different neighbor saw the 2 bring back our plywood and she said they were probably about 20 years old. If I had seen them I would have asked them why they thought it was ok to just take someone's building supplies? That stuff is expensive! And I am not made of money.