Thursday, May 28, 2009

Here comes the electricity!!

This is a fine example of the heating duct work and the lighting in the bedrooms. The light is a bit off dead center a bit to the left but that is on purpose thanks to the codes for building.

This box will be a hard wired smoked detector. I didn't know we were getting these.
I do believe this is going to be a light switch.

Two lights in the soon to be hallway.

A light down in the kitchen.
The funny thing about our new upstairs is that has so many outlets. Before our remodel began there were only 2 outlets upstairs and 2 overhead lights!


Sonja said...

Very interesting. We're just now testing the water in terms of redoing the electrical system so I found this part to be of particular interest. Your's looks so nice and straight and easy to install since there are no walls! We're looking at having to tear down ceilings and drop down through the attic. What a pain! Thanks for the great updates; the house is really coming along.

Luna Indigo said...

It isn't that easy Sonja! Frank thought while all the siding was off our house that we should replace the downstairs electricity too. Turns out it was harder than our design/builder guy led us to believe. Live wires and no ground wires, the wrong gauge wire...what a headache! We were lucky Frank didn't get zapped!