Thursday, May 28, 2009

a bit of cracking...

Here we have some bricks in the front of our house that go up with the stairs. Notice the concrete on top of the bricks is severely decayed. Also notice the darker tuck pointing over the grey.
I know it is hard to see here but there are cracks here in the brick mortar.

You can see the new mortar and the missed cracks here too. Frank and I were wondering how a masonry person could fix one crack and not fix another.

Here is a more whole picture of the situation. I think it was last week or the week before we noticed that at some point the workers had managed to crack our front brickwork. Seeing as we had just had this all tuck-pointed last summer we were very frustrated. Plus they managed to knock chunks out of the concrete on the top. When we pointed this out to our design/ builder guy he said he would have the masonry guy look at it and fix it. After closer inspection of the "fix" we noticed they had missed many of the cracks and did a poor job in general. We are going to call our masonry guy and have him come check it all out because we want it down right. Water damage no matter where it happens can be very costly and that is something we would like to avoid.

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