Tuesday, May 12, 2009

almond? pearl? frosted? glossy?

This morning I had the task of picking out potential tile for the new bathroom. This would have been easier had I not had two kids in tow with me. I went to two different tile places and this is what I came home with. The two pictures I am posting are the exact same tiles but one is with natural light and the other is with indoor lighting.

While at the first tile place I got to see all the crazy things that are possible with tile. Did you know they can make tile look like wood flooring or bamboo? There are also the tiles that can have these crazy patterns in in them thanks to the foil placed on the back of a clear glass tile. All of these were way out of my price range and not really fitting for a bathroom. Finally in the second place I started seeing what I call more bathroom friendly tile. I was really worried I was going to come away with no clear idea of what I wanted because I was starting to get overwhelmed (thank you cranky, hungry kids!). Luckily these all finally jumped out as me as a great possibility. The big tile is in the sage color group and then we have an almond or a pearl both in the white color family. The little tiles would be accents and the choice is between the frosted (think beach glass before it is shined up) or glossy. I'm leaning toward the pearl with the frosted. Oh! And the sage would be the flooring tiles and the pearl would be on the walls of the shower. Choices, choices!


Chris and Sonja said...

Oh, choosing tile drives me crazy. My parents just redid their bathroom and the number of things they had to pick out was endless. I find the really difficult part is visulizing how the whole thing will result...Best of luck!!!

Luna Indigo said...

The "natural" looking tiles drive me nuts. They are are all shades of that orange/red/beige and I know that too much of that can overpower any room. The first tile place was full of that and also way to much grey! It was actually rather depressing. I think we have settled on the sage floor tile, pearl tile for the walls and the frosted finish on the glass accent tile. The funny thing is they all fit within the paint colors that I was looking at for the upstairs anyway. I am glad that part is over because I honestly hate it too. You get to a point where you don't care when you should.