Saturday, April 18, 2009

Remodel Pictures 4

I don't know why but a piece of our gutter is sitting in our dinning room. Mind you we'll be getting new gutters so I don't understand why the workmen left this here.
Once was a closet. Looks like a giant rat was trying to make a nest in there.

My living room. Not what I expected.

This a view through what were walls, this will be all the kitchen one day.

Finally the Honey Bucket has arrived! I can't tell you how it was starting to gross me out thinking about all the workmen in my bathroom.

This wooden structure will become a tent that will help protect our house from the rain. We can't afford any water damage.

Despite all the chaos, construction and various tramplings our tulips have come up.

Just a few ladders around the house.

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Chris and Sonja said...

Hey, It looks like some significant progress has been made. This is exciting!