Sunday, April 05, 2009

Remodel Pictures 3

good-bye upstairs outer room!
yes, even a built in shoe rack

the built in joys of our upstairs closet. they don't do this now a days. plus the window that had the best view of the house!

built in closet at the top of the stairs. also going away.

another note by the workmen

Notes on the floor protection, although we need to make sure they aren't taking the whole wall because that would be a no no!

a note by the workmen, so long wall!

Oh, no the decorative pieces in the kitchen are gone! Check out the ever so lovely color back there!

Where did the kitchen cabinet go?

Somehow I don't think an electrical box should only be protected by a blue tarp against the elements.

This is what I was greeted with yesterday on our basement door. BLOOD! One of the workmen must have cut himself.

nothing like a pregnant lady on the side of a dumpster!

pieces of my house in the dumpster!

Like where the hose is?

One of my neighbors asked me what we were up to and I said "Why we are classing the place up with some blue tarps!" She laughed and said you could cover her house in some too! The top of the house is coming off sometime this week!

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